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This is a "news reader" for RDF, RSS and Atom, for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and CarPlay: with NewsTeller, you can listen to RSS feeds, in the car or while running around or doing other sports activities.  The app will order recent stories according to time and previous usage behavior, by utilizing AI (Core ML) and updating the model every time the app starts. If you are connected to CarPlay, the app will show all the subscribed feeds in your dashboard.

Awesome Ravelry Access

This is certainly not another integration of Ravelry's functions into a mobile app, but rather the integration aims to ease browsing of knitting or crocheting patterns and generate lots of fun.

How It Works

To read stories, simply select a feed that you like in the settings, and read them on the first tab called "stories". You can always update the stories by pulling down the table.

Subscribe Feeds

Choose one or several feeds from one of the hundreds of feeds and subscribe to them.

Update Stories

Go to the stories section, and let the app update to the most recent stories.

Read Stories

You can flip or swap through all stories.

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